Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Big Week of Stuffs

October 31, 2014
Happy Halloween!
Alrighty, this week was another awesome week. I feel like I am so ready to tackle Santa Maria. My language has still got some room for improvement, but I can definitely get through talking to people, as I found out on our proselyting day, on our P-days, and talking to brasileiros in the hallways! Oh, and we've got new roommates. One is from Santos, Brasil, and the other is from Paraguay. They arrived yesterday, and they are super cool. They like talking to us, and we like talking to them, because that makes our language better.
 So I had a pretty busy week. I have a lot on this list of stuff that I want to talk about, and I hope I can get through it all.
I’m going to start off with some stuff that I seemed to forget the first couple of weeks. First we have this lady named Irmã Sonya. She makes her business doing underground trading for the missionaries. Like, really. You need anything? Get with Sonya on your P-Day, and she´ll hook you up. It’s awesome. She also has a very nice collection of ties... for cheap... and I like it :) she has everything we seem to need. Oil vials, Uno cards, things of the miscellaneous missionary sort.
Ok, so I learned how to make a super cool paper airplane, and it makes me excited. I don’t know why I wrote that on the list of things to write home about.
Ok. Big thing I missed the first few weeks. Have I been using my music skills much at the MTC? YES! I still always carry around my pitch pipe wherever I go. Elder George, Elder Paulson and Elder Burt all sing pretty well, so we like to sing together. I lead the music pretty much every time a hymn is sung. Irmao Galarza (one of our instructors, super cool from Argentina) calls me the designated chorister of the MTC. One time, the Branch president felt badly that I led every week, so he called on Elder Cook (same branch, different district) to lead. Before I get to that, I have to remind yall that for some reason, seemingly all the missionaries in my branch are really tall. I am, like, one of the shortest. Anyways, almost everyone is super tall, like 6 foot 3, except Elder Cook. He’s like 5 foot. So he gets up to lead Chamado A Servir, and he asks everyone to stand. He then realized that no one could then see him, so he had to ask everyone to sit back down. It was super funny.
Anyways, so with my musical background, I was asked to lead the district in a song to perform for our last Sunday in the MTC. So what do I do? I use my free time to compose my own rendition of Abide with me tis eventide. And, not to pat myself on the back, but it’s really beautiful. I’m proud of how it sounds. I then realized that not too many brazileiros get to sing in our Sunday devotionals, because they’re only there for two weeks. So I asked them to join us :)
So I can now talk about yesterday. Our head of education, Irmao Dias, came in looking for me. Apparently, Presidente Parrela didn’t know that I had arrived. So Bro. Dias was just here to check to see if I was here at the Brasil MTC. I am still here, as was my report to Irmao Dias. So he wrote Pres. Parrela back saying "yes, he is here, we know him very well. He is the one that sings very well." I tried to get Irmao Dias to brown nose a little for me, but we decided against it, lol.
So Elder George, our new district leader, is super cool. He has an unusual sense of Idaho pride. He has a potato tie pin. Another thing that I’m not sure about is how it made it on the list.
We had a local 70 speak to us on Tuesday. He looked like a (in moms words) cute little man when he walked in the assembly hall. But that man was as energetic as I’ve ever seen. He was like a game show host! He felt really intimidated at first, because on Tuesday, ALL of the Brasileiros headed out to the field. So everyone was either white or Hispanic :) He was afraid that no one would understand him, but once he realized that we understood him just fine, he really opened up. Like, REALLY. He spoke very loudly, and it was a good talk to get us motivated for the field. I’ve never seen anyone jump up and down and/or throw stuff from the podium before. This guy was... very... involved.
There’s an ongoing joke over here at the MTC that the apple juice gives you really weird dreams.
Every time we wash our clothes, me and Elder Lang find a blue sock in our finished laundry basket. Neither of us own blue socks. It is a very bizarre mystery.
Yesterday morning, there were eggs for desjejum (breakfast).  As in 4th nefi (Nephi), never were there a happier group of people than the American missionaries on that blessed morning. We are all really tired of Panini’s. We keep trying to make them different, but it just doesn’t make me happy like it did previously.
We went to the police office yesterday. We got ourselves registered for the country and stuff like that. It was perhaps even worse than the government buildings in the US. We got there at 7. We left at 1. It was very boring.
I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and His Atonement.
Well, until Next week,
Elder Wassom

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