Monday, February 22, 2016

É um feliz anniversário!‏

Hey guys! Perhaps you already know, but someone very special is celebrating their birthday today! Guess who?
George Washington!!!
And someone perhaps equally as special is celebrating their birthday tomorrow...
Handel! Hallelujah!
Oh, and shout out to Hunter Watson and Erika Squires. They’re also celebrating their birthday.
But not to forget the unforgettable date in Texas History...
The start of the battle of the Alamo!
Before I can drag this on much longer, for those who don't already know, I'm celebrating my 20th birthday tomorrow. Actually, there’s not to much of a celebration going on tomorrow, as we're having our house inspected by Sister Parrella. So there was a lot of cleaning going on this morning. But thankfully, our house was never too dirty.
But. I did make my cake. I even made it double-layered (ooh, fancy). My housemates had a similar reaction to everyone who have never eaten German Chocolate cake before. They were pretty skeptical at first. My companion went to the extent of saying "Dude... your cake looks like a turd" I thought it was quite beautiful. But everyone loved it, thank you family!
It was tasty, (especially after our lunch of fried chicken bones and sautee'd banana peels,) but it just doesn’t measure up to my mom's home-made German chocolate cake.
So I might have planned a Family Home evening with a less-active family tonight, and I’m excited for that. I might have also clued in that it's my birthday, so perhaps that will earn me more cake. I don’t think there’s sin in that, right? :)
Like Elder Jordan Peterson said: "Bro, I can’t picture you as a fat guy. Unless you start talking about food. Then I picture it for sure. Your body is no longer fat. But your spirit is still chubby."
Hey, random question... Yall keep me pretty updated with the weddings in the ward (I think), but I haven’t heard of any children being born. I was thinking about the Greens the other day. I wonder if they’re trying again? How are they doing? They sure are awesome.
This week, we went to Santa Maria (again) to do splits with the assistants. It was cool. I got to catch up on my Bible-reading on the bus. I’ve been reading so much of the Book of Mormon, Liahona, Jesus the Christ, and especially Preach My Gospel that I haven’t been having too much time to read the Bible. I’m going to read so many books when I get home. I might have gotten some extra sleep on the bus, too. Woohoo! AND daylight savings time ended for us. SO 1 more hour of sleep!
But the splits went well. I like the leadership in the mission very well. Elder Cotrim should be about done with his assistant duties, meaning there should be a new Brazilian assistant next transfer. The mission is full of qualified Elders.
Yesterday, Daniel was set apart as a Priest. He continues to do great. He brought his nephew, Jonathan to church yesterday. He is 16 years old, and Daniel, Elder Lailson Silva and I had a lesson with him after church.
This week should be a good one. New opportunities are arising. Lurdes is still strong for the 5th.
Well, that’s about it. Love you all, thanks for the birthday wishes, and have a good week!
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Notice how far the pan is off the counter! Mitchell is 'messing with his mom'! No idea how it didn't fall on the floor!!!

I put in a few "I can see you" pics with my worn out insoles. Dont worry, I bought new ones. I made my cake this morning, and there was much rejoicing!

Monday, February 15, 2016

My Package Arrived!

Dear Family and friends,
This week was really good! First off, I got my birthday package! I won’t lie, I always open my packages when they get here. I don’t wait till Christmas or Birthday. I have, however, waited to make my cake. I will make it on the 22nd. THANKS GUYS! I love packages. I think every missionary does. Can it be that that will be my last package??
I sent that last email to be able to eject my SD card. But yeah I’m super happy.
The youth of the stake had a stake encampment to flee from carnaval. Carnaval in Alegrete is minuscule compared to in Uruguaiana. It’s just a big 4-day party, is all. While the youth were at the encampment, they had a great time. Daniel even went as a Camp Helper. He's 19, so he’s no longer a youth. Everyone was impressed by how much he helped everyone out. He continues to read the Book of Mormon, and is reading cover-to-cover. His friend, Uallisom (who introduced him to the church, and fell inactive) showed up yesterday to church. Daniels eyes lit up.
Fun thing that has nothing to do with the rest of my letter - I saw a Mickey Mouse comic book. In front was a picture of Mickey Mouse holding a six-shooter, surrounded by zombies. How much Mickey has changed...
Another fun thing is seeing how converted Zenira is. We are contemplating if we should baptize Zenira and Mirian, and baptize J afterwards. PMG says that this is not an ideal situation unless the patriarch of the family shows that he will take some time. We have to analyze that first, but that means we have to catch him AT HOME. He’s always in one place or the other. But anyways, we were at Zenira's house, and she said "you know, I had a pear tree. And every time it gave fruit, it was spoiled. So I prayed to God that the tree would give good fruit. The next pear season, it gave big, tasty fruit! But the fruit brought a lot of birds! And all the birds ate all of my pears, and then all the fruit in my garden! So I guess that goes to say you have to be careful about what you ask God, huh?" I thought that was a super cute story. She’s so awesome.
She went to church alone yesterday. She had gotten third degree burns from spilled Doce de Leite three weeks ago, but even with the burn blisters still on her 80-year-old body, she has gone to church these last two weeks. So whatever healthy adult doesn’t have much of an excuse to not go when he/she says "I’m tired".
I love you all. I gotta go.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy to be with my awesome companion

Dear Family and Friends,
I had to skim my letters from you guys yet again, as the Cyber Cafe is different, and doesn’t print things out. I’m looking forward to having things get back to normal. But the surprise with Daylen must’ve been super cool! I got teary-eyed just Reid-ing about it! Maybe that’s cuz I’m a missionary, and that’s a pretty trunky thing to be hearing about.
So my comp is awesome. He’s from Tocantins, in the north-middle of Brazil. He had been living in São Paulo, where he heard the good news and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ. 1 year, 8 months later, he left on a mission. He's 24 years old, and super cool. His accent's pretty cool. He’s got a little over a year on the mission.
Once more, my time is a little short, and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that. SO. Sorry. I wish I could tell yall everything.
Santa Maria is a 6 hour trip from Alegrete, so we showed up there at around 9 that night. We had a rough night’s sleep, as all the ZLs were sleeping in the same house. As for me, we had to put two twin sized beds together and share those two beds with 3 missionaries - Me, Elder Santos Melo (Baiano grandão) and Elder Araújo, (Elder Anfuso's new comp) I slept on the crack of the two beds, and that was fairly uncomfortable. We had a fairly good meeting, I learned some stuff on how to be a positive influence to the members.
To the members of the church out there reading this - Remember Doctrine and Covenants 84. The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. If you magnify your calling, you receive all that God has. Missionary work is part of your calling as a member of the church.
To the nonmembers out there - The church is true. Learn about the church. Read the Book of Mormon. Pray to find out if it really was written by ancient prophets. I promise that yall will find out that it really was. Then repent, decide to follow Christ, and be baptized. It’s the best decision you’ll make in your life.
Our week, in and of itself was so-so. To our big surprise, Ivo dropped us. That was really tough. Basically, he was overcomplicating everything. Thinking that God is who we want Him to be, and believing in what we want to. I will quote him to sum up: "The Church is true to those who want it to be." People, if you find yourself in the same mind-frame as Ivo, I beg you to reconsider. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He is a person. An actual being... not an object of our imagination that simply guides us to do good things. He has one way to get back to Him - Jesus Christ. The more you read the scriptures, pray, and go to church, the more you realize this fact.
We bore him this testimony, and left.
Mirian and Zenira went to church, and J went fishing. But yesterday, we went to Mirians house, and taught her the things she can do to influence her husband, and the spirit was strong. Zenira and Mirian have strong testimonies.
Well. I have to go. Sorry again for the short letter.
I love you all. I love this work, and it will go on like a stone cut without hands.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom
This is a picture of my companion, Elder Lailson Silva. Sorry it's so dark.

Getting ready for Daniel's baptism last week:
And a few other:

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Sorry yall, this’ll have to be quick. I’ve got a meeting in Santa Maria in a little, and I have to just tell you the basics.
My comp is after all, being transferred. He’s headed to São Borja, and in his stead as my comp will be Elder Lailson Silva.
Daniel was baptized and it was super spiritual.
I skimmed yalls letters, and am happy that you’re happy, but I have to say tchau!
Here’s some pictures. I’ll send more next week. At least I could send the photos.
Just know I love you guys and hope everyone is happy and safe. I’m glad guys and dolls went over well. Hope it makes nationals! Proud of you sis!