Monday, February 22, 2016

É um feliz anniversário!‏

Hey guys! Perhaps you already know, but someone very special is celebrating their birthday today! Guess who?
George Washington!!!
And someone perhaps equally as special is celebrating their birthday tomorrow...
Handel! Hallelujah!
Oh, and shout out to Hunter Watson and Erika Squires. They’re also celebrating their birthday.
But not to forget the unforgettable date in Texas History...
The start of the battle of the Alamo!
Before I can drag this on much longer, for those who don't already know, I'm celebrating my 20th birthday tomorrow. Actually, there’s not to much of a celebration going on tomorrow, as we're having our house inspected by Sister Parrella. So there was a lot of cleaning going on this morning. But thankfully, our house was never too dirty.
But. I did make my cake. I even made it double-layered (ooh, fancy). My housemates had a similar reaction to everyone who have never eaten German Chocolate cake before. They were pretty skeptical at first. My companion went to the extent of saying "Dude... your cake looks like a turd" I thought it was quite beautiful. But everyone loved it, thank you family!
It was tasty, (especially after our lunch of fried chicken bones and sautee'd banana peels,) but it just doesn’t measure up to my mom's home-made German chocolate cake.
So I might have planned a Family Home evening with a less-active family tonight, and I’m excited for that. I might have also clued in that it's my birthday, so perhaps that will earn me more cake. I don’t think there’s sin in that, right? :)
Like Elder Jordan Peterson said: "Bro, I can’t picture you as a fat guy. Unless you start talking about food. Then I picture it for sure. Your body is no longer fat. But your spirit is still chubby."
Hey, random question... Yall keep me pretty updated with the weddings in the ward (I think), but I haven’t heard of any children being born. I was thinking about the Greens the other day. I wonder if they’re trying again? How are they doing? They sure are awesome.
This week, we went to Santa Maria (again) to do splits with the assistants. It was cool. I got to catch up on my Bible-reading on the bus. I’ve been reading so much of the Book of Mormon, Liahona, Jesus the Christ, and especially Preach My Gospel that I haven’t been having too much time to read the Bible. I’m going to read so many books when I get home. I might have gotten some extra sleep on the bus, too. Woohoo! AND daylight savings time ended for us. SO 1 more hour of sleep!
But the splits went well. I like the leadership in the mission very well. Elder Cotrim should be about done with his assistant duties, meaning there should be a new Brazilian assistant next transfer. The mission is full of qualified Elders.
Yesterday, Daniel was set apart as a Priest. He continues to do great. He brought his nephew, Jonathan to church yesterday. He is 16 years old, and Daniel, Elder Lailson Silva and I had a lesson with him after church.
This week should be a good one. New opportunities are arising. Lurdes is still strong for the 5th.
Well, that’s about it. Love you all, thanks for the birthday wishes, and have a good week!
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Notice how far the pan is off the counter! Mitchell is 'messing with his mom'! No idea how it didn't fall on the floor!!!

I put in a few "I can see you" pics with my worn out insoles. Dont worry, I bought new ones. I made my cake this morning, and there was much rejoicing!

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