Monday, February 15, 2016

My Package Arrived!

Dear Family and friends,
This week was really good! First off, I got my birthday package! I won’t lie, I always open my packages when they get here. I don’t wait till Christmas or Birthday. I have, however, waited to make my cake. I will make it on the 22nd. THANKS GUYS! I love packages. I think every missionary does. Can it be that that will be my last package??
I sent that last email to be able to eject my SD card. But yeah I’m super happy.
The youth of the stake had a stake encampment to flee from carnaval. Carnaval in Alegrete is minuscule compared to in Uruguaiana. It’s just a big 4-day party, is all. While the youth were at the encampment, they had a great time. Daniel even went as a Camp Helper. He's 19, so he’s no longer a youth. Everyone was impressed by how much he helped everyone out. He continues to read the Book of Mormon, and is reading cover-to-cover. His friend, Uallisom (who introduced him to the church, and fell inactive) showed up yesterday to church. Daniels eyes lit up.
Fun thing that has nothing to do with the rest of my letter - I saw a Mickey Mouse comic book. In front was a picture of Mickey Mouse holding a six-shooter, surrounded by zombies. How much Mickey has changed...
Another fun thing is seeing how converted Zenira is. We are contemplating if we should baptize Zenira and Mirian, and baptize J afterwards. PMG says that this is not an ideal situation unless the patriarch of the family shows that he will take some time. We have to analyze that first, but that means we have to catch him AT HOME. He’s always in one place or the other. But anyways, we were at Zenira's house, and she said "you know, I had a pear tree. And every time it gave fruit, it was spoiled. So I prayed to God that the tree would give good fruit. The next pear season, it gave big, tasty fruit! But the fruit brought a lot of birds! And all the birds ate all of my pears, and then all the fruit in my garden! So I guess that goes to say you have to be careful about what you ask God, huh?" I thought that was a super cute story. She’s so awesome.
She went to church alone yesterday. She had gotten third degree burns from spilled Doce de Leite three weeks ago, but even with the burn blisters still on her 80-year-old body, she has gone to church these last two weeks. So whatever healthy adult doesn’t have much of an excuse to not go when he/she says "I’m tired".
I love you all. I gotta go.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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