Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Olá de Atlantis!‏

Dear Friends and family,
No, I wasn’t transferred. I will explain.
Phew! So this week was busy. And a busy week is awesome. Therefore, this week was awesome. Rachel can use that logic in geometry next year. So anyways, on Tuesday, we had splits. I got to head out and teach with Elder Uchoa Sousa. He is the one with me and the cow slippers.This is my gift from the white elephant exchange for new years in our district.
So divisões (splits)... they were good. Elder Sousa is a greeny, so I pretty much lead the whole day. That built up my confidence as a missionary that I could understand where I’m going (yes, I did have to use a map and compass, no joke) and lead lessons in Portuguese. In fact, I did most of the talking because Elder Sousa is pretty quiet. We had some success. One of which is we ran into some pretty good contacts, which we will be excited to contact this week. Elder Molina and I already contacted Maocir, and taught a crazy good lesson, felt the spirit, he’s a great guy. When we asked if we could have a follow up lesson, he said "uhm... no." so that was a little disappointing. But more on me and Elder Sousa. Great day, but a poorly planned route. In short, we walked way too much. My clothes were rags when I finished. That also meant I sweated out all my sunscreen, so I was a red wet rag.
Then the rain came again. This summer, it hasn’t been too blistering hot, because it’s almost always raining. My first umbrella became utterly destroyed, so I have bought another one, which is now also broken. While it is nice to have some cooler (85 degrees) weather, it is not nice for the people on the outskirts of town. Their houses are underwater. That’s not too fun for them. Hence the name ‘Atlantis’.
The Zone Leaders call me "Elder Waffles" because no one can pronounce my name, except Elder Molina. The gas stations here have courtesy clerks, like back in the 50s. Super cool.
Besides the massive amount of flooding, I can call this week the "rescue week". There were some people that we cut from our teaching pool that are back and progressing.
Irmao edson- devout catholic didn’t want to change religion- now expresses interest in being baptized and sealed to his spouse and family.
Irma Elizangela never really progressed because baptism would imply her getting married to her live-in boyfriend. But while I was on splits with Elder Sousa, she just had an "aha" moment where she realized how important it was to be a member of Christ’s church. So now she plans on getting married and baptized.
Irma Neli had almost the exact same awakening. But instead of marriage, she decided that she separate from her mister. She has a planned baptismal date for the 25th.
Speaking of Baptisms... We have 7 planned for the 17th-25th. That is a good number :) On the 17th is Lúcia and maybe Thayná and André. Lucia quit smoking, came to church and is ready. We don’t know if André works, and Thayná is currently in a military brig, because her house is underwater. So she’s hard to contact. On the 24th, Larissa and Dione. Larissa will come back from vacation, and we will regain contact with her, Dione is the Aunt of Jamerson, a currently-reactivated rapaz (young man). She’s pretty set in stone for the 24th. 25th- Alcivio and Nelí. Alcivio was traveling, but will return.
Com amor, Elder Wassom
Its simple. I didn't choose the thug life. The thug life chose me. and yes, thats a V7 in F major. Or minor. Take your pick.
This is how the sky almost always looks. This is the Uruguai River and on the other side of the river is Argentina.

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