Monday, February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhogs Day, Everyone!‏

Saying goodbye to Elder Molina at the Rodoviária, and I didn’t have a picture of Elder Matoso yet this morning, so we took some selfies on our apartment elevator.

Hi, Everyone! Happy Groundhogs day! This is by far my favorite holiday of the year, and I want to make sure everyone has enjoyed the Festivities of the Shadow! If anyone has taken my letter seriously thus far, don’t tell me, because that’s an insult on my character.
So first of all, I have a new companion. His name is Elder Matoso. He is awesome, super humble, and in general, a great friend and missionary. He is taller than me, probably 6´2ish. I am super, super excited to work with him.
I can’t say he’s super tall, though, because Elder Vernon is training a new guy, Elder Santos Melo. He is super tall. Just... big in general. 6'7, 250-type big. He had to bend over just to talk at the pulpit, which was raised all the way. He is also awesome.
In case I didn’t specify, my area is Porto A, or one half of Ala Porto. Elder Vernon and Elder Golias (as thus we sometimes call him) (not really though) have Porto B, the other half. Mom asked how the district works. It actually is very close-together and stuff. All 5 of the companionships (Wassom-Matoso, Vernon-Santos Melo, Ribeiro Gomes-Uchoa Sousa, Anfuso-Santos Araujo, and Sisters Amalia Silva-...and her greeny) have the upper half of Uruguaiana. Each morning, we have a conference call at 6:45 to unite us all as a district (probably just to ensure everyone’s awake), and every Tuesday we have a district meeting. We like each other. It’s good stuff.
So yeah I love working with Elder Matoso. Our first day together (Wednesday), I’ll admit was a little shaky on my part. Not as a companionship. I hadn’t planned the day very well, and it was a little frustrating, because it was without much success. So I worried a little bit. That night, I made sure I put in a good plan for the next day so that it could be awesome. Yep. Thursday was a great day. Lots of good lessons, a new investigator, and on one of our lessons, they were having a churrasco. So we ate well that night :)
More on Elder Matoso - He’s a great guy. He can be a little weird sometimes... in a good way. Like, he’s obsessed with honey, addicted, really. He puts it on everything… eggs, bananas (that’s a good combo, actually), and he just eats it by the spoonful. We get along great!.. My favorite companion up to this point.
I am learning to cook better, I always could, but I am improving. For instance, I can 'flip' food in the pan. I like doing that, makes me feel fancy and such. I am venturing out and experimenting with new things. That probably doesn’t surprise my parents. I’ve always been that type of guy. For instance, Elder Molina impulse bought a giant moranga (a type of gourd) right before getting transferred. I have no idea why. So he left it behind for us to cook. None of us knew how, so I just said "what the heck" and went to work on it. I went ahead and boiled it, and tasted it. It was sort of the consistency of a yam, so I thought to myself "Hmm. With leftover potatoes, my mom made potato pancakes, so I’m gonna try moranga pancakes!" To make a long story short, panquecas de moranga was a success. I felt proud of myself, as were my roommates.
Mom and Dad said recent converts make great member missionaries. I agree. Lúcia has started bringing her family to church. It makes me happy.
Also, the André situation cooled down way faster than I anticipated; perhaps we might be able to work with him again soon.
I am happy, as usual. 4 months from two days ago I left home happy, and I don’t think I ever stopped. I still have a very deep testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Until Next week,
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Useless word of the week: Emboscar - To hide in a forest or prepare for an ambush.

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