Monday, May 4, 2015

Can’t wait till Sunday!‏

SO as you can imagine, I can’t wait till Sunday to skype with my family. Unfortunately, there are still no baptisms from Urlandia. I’m starting to worry that perhaps Veledas desire to be baptized left with us missionaries. I got the Les Mis playbill. To be honest, it was greatly appreciated, but it did tug at my heartstrings that I wasn’t there. It did, however, provide me with some info in reading the cast bios. Such as – Coop’s heading to UNT, Emmalee’s heading to OBU, and other cool stuff like that. I AM going to be skyping in at 7 Brasil time. Sergio, a recent - reactivated member is letting us use his house. Shout out to Blake, congrats, Bro. Keep on troddin through the PCAT study. Fun things that happened this week: I had COBBLER for the first time in a while. I gave the recipe to Aline, and Aline surprised us with the finished product. I love IJUI :) SO we did a service project at a farm lá (out) in the outskirts of town. It went great. The recipients are the parents of Geoberto and Suni, two recently activated youth. The parents always despised the church and especially the missionaries, but with our offer to help , we were happily accepted and they opened up to us. It was super cool. As with super cool stuff, naturally, I forgot to bring my camera. We'll have to go back to take pictures of the pet peacocks! I also learned that when you whistle at a turkey, it gobbles at you. They also gave us fresh tangerines from the garden and homemade bolachas (cookies)!
SO voice lessons. On this one, I will quote the wonderful Ms. Logan. "Set your standards really low, and you’ll never disappoint yourself." But, I think maybe it went well, maybe they had fun, and maybe there’ll be investigators next time. Bishop came in and sort of saved the lesson. Until he walked in, no one opened up, and they were all really timid. Timid-ness is not a good thing in the performing arts. But bishop pretty much said "Alright, this is how a MAN does it." and he sung, nothing holding back. He is actually pretty good. I was impressed. From then on, people opened up more.
On Tuesday, we had our Zone Conference in our neighbor city, Cruz Alta. It went well, but I must admit, our ZL training was pretty awful. But I just have to trust that that was a one-time deal, and I will have to continue trusting our leaders.
SO here in Rio Grande do Sul, there’s two soccer teams: Grêmio and Inter. It’s like BYU and Utah. Big rivalry, Well, they played yesterday, and Inter won. The only way I know that, is as we were walking, a bunch of bottle rockets (the loud ones) went off, then people started driving around with Inter banners and honking like crazy. Despite the distractions, we did have a really good lesson with Michel and Teresinha. Michel (pronounced like Michelle, only he’s a guy. I think it’s supposed to be the Portuguese equivalent of MITCHELL, but I never admit that to anyone, because I refuse to be known as Michelle) was a contact that we made in the street, and we returned there yesterday. The father seemed really unenthused that we were there. However, Michel and his mom, Teresinha listened attentively as we talked about the restoration of the gospel. At the end, she asked if we could "do a prayer" for her to get over her cold. SO we then asked if we could do a Priesthood blessing, and she obliged. So that was neat.
Com Amor,
Elder Mitchell Wassom

Here’s some pics. Among them include the recipes, voice lessons, and a selfie with our bishop that looks like young Grandpa Madsen. Tell me if you agree.

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