Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hopefully an Actual Letter!‏

Hey Guys!
So I finally have some time to actually write you guys a decent letter! I'm super excited, because I have been a little on the luckless side while here in Santiago. So while I’ve got the chance, I'll go ahead and say, the church did end up sending some new "brazilites", or, roofing supplies to the poor this past Sunday. The Priesthood took that as an "ox-in the mire" opportunity, and brought instant relief to a large number of those in need. I am glad to be a member of this really awesome church.
As for the work, it has been rather hard, to be honest. It seemed like we worked really hard, and had a lot of good lessons, and a lot of people with a lot of potential to be baptized, just that on Saturday, everyone seemed to get the "Missionaries are horrible people - Hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands" bug. So a lot of those awesome new investigators completely dropped. This was really sad, but hey. I’m a missionary. I’ve had to get used to it.
However, we did have a blessing "fall from the sky" that same day. After a long and stressful day, Letícia, a returning-to-activity member, told us "hey, so I just adopted a 15-year-old girl, and want you to teach her" So. We will start teaching her today. I’m pretty happy to have this opportunity.
So, as in seemingly all P-Days recently, today was hectic. First off, during Companion Study, a car wreck occurred right in front of our house. It seems like a little car passed on the street when it wasn’t his turn, and he got slammed into by a pickup. The cars are pretty damaged, but thankfully, it was on the side that the drivers weren’t on, so both the drivers are unharmed. But that’s the minor thing. The major thing. This morning, Elder Alvarenga asked me to give him a blessing. He said that he was feeling really cold, despite the warm temperature, and that his bones were hurting. So I gave him a blessing. Then, we went to the bank. When we were waiting in line to pull out our grocery money, Elder Alvarenga started leaning on me. He said "call an ambulance now." I thought he was kidding. But then, he started for the door. He dragged me with him as his sort of support. It sort of looked like I was dragging a drunk guy around. He went right up to a parked cop car and asked for a ride to the hospital. The cops called another car, and Elder Alvarenga and I were rushed to the Hospital. His well-being deteriorated fast. By the time we got to the hospital, I had to tell the doctors and the front desk everything that was going on, as the speech of Elder Alvarenga became incomprehensible. He was then taken to the doctor, and in 5 minutes, he was diagnosed with a horrible virus, and was given two really painful shots right in the place that painful shots are usually taken. I could tell that they were painful, one, because Elder Alvarenga groaned and then talked about them, and two, he walked super stiffly for a while. However, the effects of the virus were quickly gone, and he was able to waddle back home. He is now on medication.
On a good note, I did get to pre-view my custom-made bombachas today. The waist is just a bit big, so the lady is bringing it in a little. It should be ready tomorrow or Thursday. They do look pretty fly. I am super satisfied. Photos next week are certain :)
There’s a lady that we call "Baixinha," or, "Little tiny one" she’s 3-foot-something, and really funny. Anyways, she made us a dinner the other day, and told me "eat more." I said "I’m stuffed, thanks" So she took my plate, and put a mountain of more food on my plate for me, haha. I was then forced to eat. I’m surprised I survived. More on her, certainly another day.
I'm doing well. I really am liking my companion. Iv'e been pretty lucky with my companions. There have been companions of mine whom I have disagreed with or argued with, but I haven't "suffered" with a crappy comp yet. The teaching is a bit slow right now. I think Gabi is hiding from us. That makes me sad. We only had 2 investigators at Sacrament meeting. So we're doing a lot of finding lately. We found some good prospects this past week, so lets see. 17 moving onto pre-area again--Boyd always rocks at getting people post-region. I would be interested in knowing some of the advance-ees. Weird to think though- that I could only know the Seniors and a couple of Juniors. I don't get to sing publicly much, but I practice a bit in the shower, road, etc. I've got the reputation as "the happy missionary with a weird bounce in his step, snapping, singing, talking, and laughing to himself."
We are working on a massive project to get the public schools involved in the Family Search website, helping kids maintain the rich Gaucho culture, and helping us to find new families to teach. Let's see how it goes. One of the happiest moments in Santiago.... The other day my companion told me, "I can't WAIT to be transferred!"
"Elder, I know Santiago is one of the tough spots in the mission, but you've gotta enjoy the experience of being here!"
"No, no! I didn't mean it like that: I meant I can't wait to arrive in another area and change everything, you know? Work hard, set trends, animate the members--just like you did when you got here! I wanna be sent to other tough spots. Just to make an impact and put into practice everything you taught me!"
So, I'm not saying this for personal glory, but this really touched me.
So, it is Tuesday, November 3rd, and I'm about to send this letter off to yall. I hope it at least in part makes up for the past weeks of bad letter writing. I love you all, I know the Church is true!
Gotta go.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Pictures of: Our district at the cemetery, and my comp thinks he's heading out of Santiago - so he started packing 8 days before the actual transfer.

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