Monday, December 7, 2015

Some Funny Stories

Hey guys,
This week was pretty normal. It had some ups and downs. AND I had some administrative business to take care of. So. I thought I'd share some funny things about my week.
1. In Brazil, funny thing is people like to wear shirts written in English, even if they have no idea what it says. A good number of those shirts have some typos, making me think that they were made to be shipped to the United States, and rejected. It makes me re-think buying a shirt in French, or something. Anyways, the other day, I saw a member of the church, and she asked me what her shirt meant. It says: "LET`S GET WASTED" I had a good laugh, and the member felt pretty ripped off. It was her fault. She should’ve done her research, lol
2. I got paid back quite a bit, though. I never had any horrible Portuguese mix-up story, but on Sunday, I had one similar. I was translating the sacrament meeting talk into sign language for Fernanda, a deaf recent-convert, (I’m not awesome at Sign Language, but I get by) and the lady said in her testimony "I love this month" but I translated it: "I love bananas." after explaining to Fernanda that the lady wasn’t actually bearing her testimony about bananas, she started laughing so hard. It was hard for Fernanda to focus the rest of the meeting. And it was my fault.
3. The state of São Paulo just passed a law, (supported by the media, and soon to be followed by other states) that when a woman openly breastfeeds in the middle of a public place, whoever makes that woman feel out of place is fined 500 reais. Their reasoning? "Breastfeeding is a tender moment between mother and child and shouldn’t be restrained to privacy". I think "okay, but she can at least carry a blanket or something." The result? Millions of photos hitting the internet, news, and other public places of supermodels breastfeeding random children.
Brazil is an awesome place. A funny Place, too. I love you all, and sorry for the short letter.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Merry Christmas, Elder Wassom! (Christmas Package arrived!)

A good homemade meal including a Tuscan sausage rice, a marinated ham-and-cheese wrapped chicken breast, topped with roasted tomatoes, and a broccoli salad.

Sister da Silva drawing me and Elder,

a cool member that helps us,

and the families of João, Baixinha (Sueli), and Fernanda and Dani

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