Monday, March 30, 2015

Another Week

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was another week. I fear this letter will be disappointing to the readers, due to the lack of content or excitement, nevertheless I will do the best that I can. First off, unfortunately, our investigators from last week just kind of fizzled out. Not too interested. Veleda was progressing very very well. However, some very rare and unusual circumstances arose, and put a big stumbling block in our teaching with her. Nevertheless, we are working very hard and very closely with our mission leaders and God on how we can overcome these major complications and bring her to the baptismal font, and the fold of the Shepherd. These careful proceedings will require the constant companionship and guidance of the Holy Ghost, so keep us, our leaders, and her in your thoughts and prayers.
And other than that situation, we knocked a ton of doors. If I’m not fooling myself, I do believe we set the weekly mission-wide "standard of excellence" in contacts made. However, despite the massive amount of people we talked to, this only resulted in a mediocre amount of lessons given, and a miniscule 2 new investigators, neither of which show much interest. In short, this week was tough again. But we just keep pushing through it. Putting our minds to the planner, then putting our shoes to the pavement and working hard. What else can we do, right? The blessings of the Lord are bound to show themselves eventually.
On a brighter note, we had our Ward Conference on Sunday, in the which 87 people were in attendance! That’s 27 more than the weekly average. Among these 87 were 15 less actives, Veleda, and 2 friends that members brought along. One lady who showed up said she felt so good, "it was like nothing she had ever felt before," and that she’d bring her daughter this next time.
As I said, Urlandia B (my area) is really big. It is also very diverse. For example, vila renasença is like being in the country. Vila Urlandia is the ghetto. Vilas São Pedro, and Antônio Reis, are the stereotypical mid-upper class suburb. Vilas Tomazete and Alegria are the mid-lower class suburb. Vila Residencial Tomazette is for the rich people. Terra Nova is for the young people, and there’s another little vila way up there that seems also suburban.
Also, the lunches here are normally AWESOME, especially on Tuesdays. Tuesday we have Irmã Iara (our Mom), and lunch is always fantastic. Nevertheless, I am eating healthier at the house, and walking much, and the result, I’m trimming up again. My days with Elder Matoso were awesome, nevertheless, they weren’t so healthy, thus stopping my constant thinning. But I’m back at it again.
Love you all. My prayers are with all of you, and especially with the Ghios.
Até mais, Gente.
Com amor,
Elder Wassom.

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