Monday, March 16, 2015

Oi de Santa Maria!‏

Oi! SO this is gonna have to be pretty rushed, but I’ll go ahead and let you know what’s been going on down hizzle.
First off, sorry people got sick on the crazy stormy boat... that’s pretty sad. BUT I hope you still had fun!
Alright. So URLANDIA. It’s... a change. Elder Soares da silva and I are actually opening the area, so we're practically starting from scratch. ELder Soares da silva, to give you an idea, is really quiet and 5’3”. Sorry for not sending a foto yet. But something about starting from scratch - it’s hard. And to top it off, our area is enormous. Porto A (my last area) was a big area, covering 1.5 bairros (bairro is like a neighborhood, but usually way bigger than the ones in the US.) But Urlandia B covers 5.5 Bairros. And a complex of condos. It’s in the shape of a giant watermelon shell, with 4 of the neighborhoods in a u formation, and one jetting out the side 30 minutes walk, and the condos jetting out the top , an hours walk. But to get from one end on the watermelon to the other, it’s an hour. To get from the condos to the other bairro jetting out the side, it’s 2 hours. So, it’s really big. But extremely pretty. It has MOUNTAINS :) Little green ones with pretty trees. I think I dropped another 5ish pounds this week. Because we didn’t know the members, we just had to knock doors all week. Inefficient, but it yielded some success and now we have something to work with.
We live in a smaller house with ELders Jordan Peterson and Ferreira Santos. Elder Jordan Peterson reminds me of Elder White, and Elder Ferreira Santos reminds me of Landon Croft. Our washing machine was broken, so I had to wash by hand. It’s not as fun as I thought it’d be. But they "repaired" it, and now the only problem is that the water doesn’t pump. So I have to stick a hose from the sink faucet to the washing machine. Awesome.
Elder Mitchell Wassom
Caixa Postal 0339 - Centro
Santa Maria - RS
CEP: 97001 - 010
Differences: the gaucho-ness (cowboy) is much less. The most gaucho place in the mission is Uruguaiana. So the accent is easier, and there aren’t just chickens and horses and such running wild. Also, people in Uruguaiana were born there, their ancestors were born there. Here, we have people who moved here.
Funny thing about Brasil - they name their pets normal American names: "Bobby, Billy, Mikey," to name a few. Gotta go. Next week I’ll talk more. Tá!
Love yall.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Just a few pictures of the aftermath of Carnival, saying goodbye to friends in Uruguaiana, and doing laundry:

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