Sunday, July 12, 2015

6 More Weeks in Ijuí Centro!‏

JULY 6th, 2015

So the title is pretty self-explanatory. I survived yet another transfer here in Ijuí. Elder Bispo dos Santos (tall, Bahiano, brown) is headed to Livramento, and Elder Italo Silva (Northeastern, broken tooth) is going to Santa Maria-Tancredo Neves. I'm not sure if that’s important info to you, but why not just throw that in there? Both Elder Jordan Peterson and Elder Anfuso will train, and Elder Jordan Peterson was relieved from his duty as a District Leader, in preparation of his departure to the US in 3 months. Elder Anfuso is our new District Leader.
So on the fourth of July, as some of you asked, we did nothing differently. US Independence Day is irrelevant when you are not in the US. However, Elder Jordan Peterson and I did sing the US National Anthem over the phone in two part harmony to our Zone Leader, Elder Knowles. So that’s something.
On Sunday, it was really really cold. I believe it was below freezing when we woke up. And our house has many perks, but good insulation is not one of those perks. So I had to wake up, put on my gloves, my thermals, my long-sleeve, my sweater, and then my suitcoat. Then I realized- I was still cold. So I threw on my trench coat over that suit. Unfortunately, a lot of our ward and investigators also noticed that it was cold. So our church was a little more empty this week. But that didn’t stop Marrone and Diessica. Marrone bore his testimony. And for the first time, Tainã's Mom showed up to church. That was nice to see her; we had been working with her for some time.
Speaking of other successes with people whom we have been working for some time, Sergio has made a good jump back into activity in the church. He's the man from Rio that lent his computer for us to skype home on Mother's day. He has made a commitment that, because he often works Sunday, that he will try 100% to find a new job, and index 5,000 names this year. He showed us how it all works. It seems easy enough... I will have to do some indexing when I get home. We had lunch at his home on Saturday. That was an experience very close to heaven. We had a beef Fricassé, (Rice, Beans) and a super good mixed salad with different types of bell peppers, cucumbers, and radishes. Ooh and a pasta carbonara. I do like food.
For our final P-day as a district, the three companionships in Ijuí went down and played more volleyball and Ultimate, and then we decided to make a pizza from scratch. It turned out quite fantastic. Elder Anfuso was a little sad because we followed a recipe to make the pizza dough, and it looked like we made too little. So Elder Anfuso went to town and made another batch, just that we ran out of flour and eggs. So he did a little improv using Northeastern Couscous and Baking powder. At this time, he realized that we HAD, in fact, made enough pizza dough, as flattening out the dough increased the surface area far beyond what Elder Anfuso was anticipating. So he threw his couscous mixture in a pan, anyways. Then Elder Bispo dos Santos went ahead and smeared Melada on it (a weird sweet mixture made from sugarcane. We didn’t have very much else to lose, so we just stuck that in the oven, too. To everyone’s surprise, it made a pretty good cake. I’m gonna miss this district. It’s pretty awesome. Our ward is doing a ward Mandiocada on Saturday. A Mandiocada, in short, is pretty much a beef-mandioc stew. If you don't know what mandioc is, neither did I before the mission. I liked it since day 1. One day a Brazilian asked me "What is Mandioca in English?" And I had to say "No idea." So I used my dad’s little green dictionary. It’s a root that is boiled, having more or less the consistency of a potato, but way tastier. So tasty, in fact, I am considering bringing it to the US, and being a mandioc farmer when I grow up. America needs mandioc. And I know it’d make big bucks. So I’m looking forward to Saturday.
We have been working more as a district in respect to activities, too. We are doing more city-wide activities instead of just ward activities. We had a Church Cinema this last Friday. We showed "Other Side of Heaven." So that worked out well.
Hey. Love you all. Pray for you. I'm doing great. Hope all is well with you.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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