Monday, July 13, 2015

Uma Semana Meia Chata

Dear Family and Friends
Translating the title: A pretty lame week. This week was pretty lame. My companion, Elder Sena, started to have a bad ear ache last Sunday. The pain died down on Monday, but came raging back on Tuesday. We had to return to our house a little early to treat him with some pain meds (from the E-Bola survival kit). He did not sleep at all that night. On Wednesday, He finally fell asleep at around 6:50 AM, so I thought, considering the circumstances, I would let him sleep through morning study. We went to lunch, but he threw it all up afterward, he was in so much pain. So we returned to our home and I let him rest until he was able to recover enough to leave home. He didn't recover, and we spent the day inside. In the days following, we tried everything, from Pharmacy meds, to natural meds, to urban legends. I spent much time in prayer and fasting for him. At the times when we were inside, I read the scriptures. That part was good. We were able to leave a few times and teach some lessons, but I had to really carry those lessons, because my comp could barely think.
Marrone and Diessica decided to mark their marriage on the 22nd of AUGUST. When we asked why, they expressed that they needed to save enough money to buy the dress and tux. We considered (exhorted) that they rent those things. But for some reason, they were against that idea. We would have visited them on Wednesday but we had to cancel that lesson due to the earache of my companion. Next thing we knew, they have already made the wedding invitations.
My comp got better today. As some might be suspicious that he magically got better just in time for both P-Days, I will immediately shoot down those suspicions. This was 100% legitimate. Elder Sena is awesome and hard-working, and wouldn’t fake sick.
Another sad thing, I think Helmutt relapsed on his drinking problem. He smelled strongly of beer at church on Sunday. At least he came to church with his whole family, for the first time.
The mandiocada was excellent, but unfortunately, none of our investigators showed up.
Good news - Andrea, Tainã's mom showed up to church again. She and her husband show real potential. Let’s see if they can't get married.
As seen in my pics, we have 2 new elders in Ijuí. Elder Jawaad, companion of Elder Jordan Peterson, is actually American. Rarely do we see two Americans together. He speaks Portuguese fluently, as his parents are Brazilian. He’s kind of goofy , just like Elder Jordan Peterson and me, haha.
Elder Marcelino, companion of Elder Anfuso, is from Rio. He's pretty cool, and I like him a lot.
Uhm, I believe that’s about it. Sorry for the bad news, but hey. Bad weeks just happen. At least I had the chance to read a ton of the scriptures, Ensign, and Jesus The Christ. I am really being edified by the power of these resources that we have.
I love you all. I love my mission, just had a rough week. Let’s hope that my companion stays healthy, so that we get back to working in the vineyard. I am still optimistic.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Our new district, in order left to right: Elders Anfuso, Marcelino (new), Sena, Wassom (shock), Jawaad (new), and Jordan Peterson.

ok, so real quick. I always had the same cover on my planner - the one with Jesus and "seeking the one", but it got old and I made a new one. We got a notice that we received some boxes, and that they were dropped off at a members house. Then that member called us and complained that they have 28 boxes for us. No idea why we need literally 2,000 pamphlets (I use the word literally literally) of the Restoration, and thousands of other pamphlets and forms, but oh well. Our mandiocada was a success. We had the leftovers today. We broke the volleyball.

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