Monday, September 14, 2015

Another Week in Ijuí‏

Dear Family and Friends,
This past week was fairly average. A lot of our teaching pool waxed soft, so our focus was in finding new investigators. Using a whole lot of our creative efforts, I would say our efforts were, in general, without results. I hate being unproductive on the mission, nevertheless, we will just keep working. Today will be super cool, as Diéssica will be taking us to her Aunt and Uncle´s house to begin the teaching process. I´m excited for that.

This week actually started off with a surprise interview/apartment inspection from our beloved Presidente and Sister Parrela. To our great pleasure, Sister Parrela found our apartment to be super tidy and even gave us a box of granola bars as a gift. She asked who the cook of the house was, to which the others responded that I was. She asked what about some of the things I had been doing and making. To her surprise, I responded that I had been using a lot of her tips and her recipes. She asked if we had any extra clothes to donate to other missionaries who need them. I said I had pants that used to fit me. She, too, was shocked at how big those pants were, and asked if I had been exercising. I said I had been. She asked if I had been drinking cola. I told her that I hadn´t. With all this, I became her favorite missionary ever. She smiled, and called me her "disciple".
Remember the J. Garcia tie that yall sent me on Easter? Well, I wasn’t sure if it was "conservative" enough to wear. So I kept it in my suitcase, waiting to get it approved by Presidente Parrella. At times I just stared at it, almost crying. Not really, but I wanted to wear it very badly. So the occasion arrived. Sidenote - the interviews with Presidente are pretty cool - He speaks in English, and I respond with Portuguese. Our interview was rather short, sweet to the point, and at the end, I told him about the tie. He said: "Well, let´s see it" So I grabbed the tie. He looked at it, and said, "Well, let's put it to the test." He ran in the bathroom and put it on. Then he walked into the kitchen and started talking to his wife. After about 10 minutes, he said, "Well, she didn’t notice. Guess you can wear it." We both started to laugh, and he said "but sincerely, I think it looks rather nice with a suitcoat, but don't wear it with just a white shirt." So that made my day.
Taldelino and Ezekiel invited us to visit their church. It is called Seara do Senhor, and it's a Pentecostal church. We took the time to visit it Saturday night. It was a... new experience. All I can say is: the spirit was so strong, that ulshadiuy spfa sid i oispafoi id fopai iudf poidufpoisdu ú himv!

As for the work, it’s going alright. It’s been better; it’s been worse. We're still working our tail off. I’m not sure if I had already told you, but there's a lady named Rita, friend of Esilda. She's super nice, really humble, and is getting baptized on the 25th. I’m really excited! Another super cool thing is that there’s this man, I’m not even sure what his name is, but everyone calls him Terra. (Dirt). He is the husband of Irmã Isabel, and father of Tiago and Arides Alves. He HATED the missionaries; and the church. A while ago, he used to throw the missionaries out of his home and yell at them. Even when I was here, when we asked if Irmã Isabel was at home, he said; "look, I don't like you guys, and I don't want anything to do with your church. Bye." Arides and his wife had a baby, and invited him to watch the baby's blessing. He accepted and was there last week, in the most spiritual sacrament meeting that perhaps I had ever attended. What a miracle that was.

I love you all. Have a good week.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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