Monday, September 21, 2015

Some Good News

So yall,
I’ve got some good news. Remember Helmutt? I’m not sure if I’ve written about him, but he is finally supporting his family (Rosane and Gabriel) in their baptism for the 10th of October! Chances are, I won´t be there for the service, but that’s alright by me, they’re finally getting baptized!
The Family of Tainã (Gilmar and Andrea) are also now heavily contemplating on getting married! That’s some serious progress. They continue to go to church and read the scriptures.
Irmã Rita is also still scheduled for Friday, but she didn’t go to church. We will have to talk a little bit tomorrow... But I’m optimistic.
Other cool things that happened this week: The lesson with Diéssicas aunt and uncle went well. They´re super cool. Other cool thing: Diéssica is the Godmother of her little cousin Enrique, and she said to us "I just realized this week. I made a promise to God, even though it was in a Catholic church, to watch over the spiritual well-being of Enrique. So. I’m gonna make sure he´s going to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ." Although the presence of her aunt and uncle was lacking at church, she brought along little Enrique. He's 9. Really thinks the missionaries are cool. He seemed pretty bored in Sacrament Meeting, but hey, so was I at his age. Little things like that make me super happy to be a part of her and Marrone´s conversion. She will be called as Primary Teacher next week. She will be great.
As for Marrone, he is also doing great. He is Home Teaching companions with our Elders Quorum President, Igor. Bishop says that he's got a calling for him too. So both Marrone and Diéssica are very well integrated in this fantastic ward. Marrone showed up to church in his tie that, for the first time, he tied himself. However, it was way too short, haha. So he wore his blazer over it.
Speaking of ties, we had what you guys can imagine would be one of the happiest moments of my life. We, through our own underground sources, found a load of awesome ties for super cheap. So the 4 elders in our apartment pooled in some money and bought 30. Then, on Saturday, we put all 30 on ELder Sena´s bed and had a draft, like the NFL fantasy football draft, but with ties. I was pick number 4 of 4, but thanks to the horribly boring taste in ties of the other 3, I lucked out on almost all of my favorites. The picture shows pick numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4, Elders Anfuso, Sena, Marcelino and Wassom, respectively. If you’ve got a good taste in ties, you too will say that the number 4 Draft pick was better than the 1-3. I´m stoked.
Flashback to Uruguaiana - I was getting my haircut at Irmão Gildos, when he makes the question: "Is your dad bald?" "Noo... why would you say that?" "Brothers?" "No..." "Uncle?" "Yeah, why?" "I can tell." "WHAT?! WHY?!" "Ah, it’s nothing to worry about, just a little thinning back here, is all." "NO! YOURE JOKING!" "Yeah, I am, haha." Although I did calm down a bit, it did put me at edge.
Fastforward 9 months to Thursday. Elder Sena out of the blue: "Great Scott, are you going bald?" "What? No..." "No, look here. Goodness gracious, I swear that bald patch wasn't there when you picked me up." I rushed into the living room, pulled the mirror right off the wall and ran into the bathroom. I looked at it for a while. Seemed pretty normal to me. Elder Sena: "Nah, but it looks pretty normal in the mirror, but from here, it’s pretty apparent." "YOURE KIDDING." "No, I’m not. Grab your things, we need to get off to Irmã Jovita's"
We head to Jovita's. I ask "Irmã Jovita, Elder’s telling me I’m going bald. I think he's lying. What do you think?" "Oh. That? That’s nothing. Just a bit of thinning, is all. Wash your hair well, and it’ll be back on Sunday!" That’s where I started to freak out. She noticed too. I began to think: "If it’s been there since Uruguaiana, there’s no way its gonna magically grow back by Sunday. Plus, I DO wash my hair well." That whole night, I was walking and feeling my hair. I started pondering about Rogane and wigs. I could not go to BYU single and bald.
So after worrying myself to death, we arrive at home, and I asked Elder Sena to take a picture with my camera. I needed to see how bad it was. He takes the picture and shows it to me. I commented: "Bah, this looks completely normal." "I know, I was just kidding." Picture is included.
I seriously need to get him back for that. Any comments or ideas will be greatly appreciated.
Well. Gotta go. Love you all.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

I am holding in my hands in photo A my ID. This finally makes me legal to travel by bus here in Brazil. Governments slow here, too. Photo B is the youth activity last Saturday. Photo C is sugar cane, the tasty stick that caused much grief and oppression to tens of thousands of African Slaves in the 19th Century.

The Back-of-Head picture :). The others are Photos of the First Occasional Pernambuco 100- Apartamento 202 Tie Draft. Twas a great day. I was draft pick number four, but I think I ended up with the best, nevertheless.

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