Monday, March 21, 2016


Hey Family and Friends,
First off, I apologize a lot for not writing jack squat to yall last week. We had "mission council" meeting to attend, and we were already running late for the bus. Elder Lailson Silva and I presented my Idea to have a sheet helping recent-converts to plan church talks. The idea was accepted, and is being put into play. Besides that, the meeting wasn’t too cool.
What was cool, however, was our Multi-Zone conference here in Alegrete. Some of my friends from all over the pampas of Rio Grande do Sul gathered together to learn from Presidente, Sister, and the Assistants. Even all the ZLs and Training Sisters from the 5 zones had a couple of minutes to give trainings. This happens every 3 months or so. It is always an awesome experience. This last conference, we capitalized on how to get our investigators to keep commitments, when in doubt-testify of Jesus, and other inspired topics.
One thing I wanted to talk about last week was that in the last transfer, Sister Hennefer and Sister Aune went home. The weird thing about that, is that the two of them arrived at the MTC with me. All of the sisters in the mission are now with less time than me. I am officially "old."
More about the transfer, Elder Pastrana was sent to Itaquí. I liked having him in our apartment. Replacing him is Elder Fernando, from Mozambique, Africa. Elder Fernando is super cool, too.
As you can see from the pictures, Zinira was finally baptized! YAY! It was awesome to see such a neat lady come to the fold. I know that you all were hoping that this day would come, and we were, too. It’s a dream come true for everyone, but especially Elder Marcos Cornélio, whom, up to this point, was the only member of his family in the gospel. He is serving in London England. I shot him a quick note, informing him that his grandma was just baptized. We hope that her baptism will also "break the ice" with his parents, J and Mirian.
Zenaide is happy and ready for her baptism THIS Saturday. The Relief Society is happy that their organization is growing, too. They laugh a little with us that Zenaide will be the third "Velinha" baptized this month. "Seems like you two know how to baptize old ladies" they say. We just smile and thank God for the opportunity that we have to bring such neat people to the knowledge of the Gospel. I think children and old ladies have a special sensitivity to the spirit.
A cute way to finish my letter: we were teaching Irmã Rosane, and Loro, her 6-year-old (hyperactive, but super awesome) son, was messing with my watch. Then he said to me "Uh, oh. I have to be careful when I’m messing with your watch. Because if I turn the spindles clockwise, it’ll show that it’s time for you guys to go." It’s always hard saying goodbye to Loro, because he loves us so much, and he cries when we go.
Wow. I love this people more than you know. I’m certainly the happiest I’ve ever been.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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