Monday, May 2, 2016

Eita! Uma BAITA de um Frio!‏

Dear Family and Friends,
As the name suggests, it is now cold. Very cold. It’s sort of sad how here in the south, its super cold, or super hot. Spring and Autumn just don’t seem to happen. We put the fans away to put out the space heater. Fortunately, it has not rained (yet) in this cold.
This week was similar to last week. A slow start to a slam-dunk finish. Yesterday, our Branch President offered to do visits with us the whole day! Of course, we didn’t refuse. In one of our visits, we went to a less-active member. This member has such a contagious smile. It was sort of funny, he said: "My problem? I have lots of problems. Cripes, the only problem I don’t have is money!" I thought that was funny.
Marta continues to plan on the 14th, but is starting to doubt. It’s just about the small and insignificant things that she's worried about. Like, "Bah, if I get baptized, I won’t be able to watch Carnaval." or "Bah, but I won't fit in because I don't like to wear skirts" While true that Jesus wouldn’t watch Carnaval, she certainly shouldn’t let a silly thing like Carnaval get in the way of her Eternal Salvation.
For those of you that fit in this category in your discipleship, get a grip! Stop it! Do you have a testimony of the church? Do you know that, through following Jesus, you can have an eternal family? Alright, then! You know what to do! It's not that complicated. Be like King Lamoni's dad in Alma 22. "And I will give up all my sins to know thee." Shouldn’t we do everything we can to get to heaven?
Don't worry. I'm confident she'll snap out of it and be baptized.
Nuff said bout dat. On the other side of things, we have another investigator named Juciara. She is a smoker, and, when we found her last Sunday, she was a voodoo-idol-worshipping pagan. However, in one week, she has been reading the Book of Mormon, she went to church, received a testimony that Christ is her Savior, and accepted the call to repent and be baptized. She is already lessening her smoking habit. She didn’t buy tobacco this weekend so she could buy a bus ticket to go to church, as her house is a one-hour walk to church. Her whole family is reading the Book of Mormon, too. Her daughter and "son-in-law" (Talita and Bruno) agreed to get married, and subsequently baptized, just after two days of teaching them. These people are like King Lamoni… Rough on the outside, but completely ready on the inside. The Book of Mormon works miracles.
Other good news - Irmão Jerry (a less active) went to church on Sunday, asked for a calling, did his home-teaching, and bore a powerful testimony of the truthfulness of the Gospel.
That was my week in a nutshell. Miracles are just all around us. It’s so darn cool. The Gospel is absolutely true. I know it. Read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it's true. It works. It really does. Just do what God tells you to do. Your family will be happier because of it.
I love you all. I'm excited for Sunday, so I can talk to my momma on Mother's Day.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

The following are pictures:
Saying goodbye to Betania and family,

Derli and Family,

Elza and Walter,

Katia and Family,

Seeing Elder Alves (Elder Donoso, Sister Chaves and Sister Silva) at the Bus station,

Elder Silva and me,

Elder Coello (robbed my camera);

ELder Coello, Me, Elder Capstrano, and Elder Silva;

My Chicken Giblet - and Quail Egg Carreteiro (I’d give it a 4.5 out of 10)

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