Tuesday, May 31, 2016

1 ano e 8

Hey People!
Today will have to be quick. I'll send the photos later.
So I finally ate something thoroughly disgusting and foreign! Until now, I have only gone so far as to eat basic stuff like heart, chicken's feet, liver, gizzards, and capybara meat. But on Saturday, We were given something called Sarabujo, or Sarapatel. It’s basically the inside of a ram - liver, intestine, kidneys - all chopped up and boiled in ram's blood. Then they put in some bread crumbs to make it more like a meat instead of a blood soup.
I hope I never have that experience again. It was really funny though, because Sister Lipps, (a new American) didn’t quite understand what "miudos" (innards, spleen) meant, so she asked to clarify what it was that she was eating. You all should’ve seen her face when my companion explained to her.
After the transfer, I stay here in São Gabriel with Elder Silva, Elder Coello, after 2 years of service, goes to Chile, and is replaced with Elder Soares, a short-term Elder. Elder Anfuso, after 2 years of dedicated service, goes to Argentina. Sister Lipps goes to Alegrete, and will be replaced with Sister Cajazeiros.
I love you all, and will be more detailed next week.

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