Monday, June 6, 2016

A good week

Dear Family and Friends,
We are hitting stride. It took a little bit, but now we're moving. We're working really well as a companionship, and we're doing a good job administering for our zone, as well.
There’s a cool "miracle" story that's taking place. I'll have to be super frank. So there’s a less-active member that lives in a small neighborhood/favela about 30 minutes walking distance from the longest point in Bairro Bom Fim. Or, in other words, about two hours away from the church. It is absolutely ridiculously far away from the rest of our area, and would pretty much be a waste of time to go way on out there. So, we never set foot in that little neighborhood.
Well, this less active member, Sabrina, has a daughter that was dying of seizures, and prayed to God, saying that if He saved her daughter, she would reactivate in the church. Well. She survived. She then prayed that God could send His servants to her house. All this was unknown to us until Sunday.
During the space of that week, we were teaching Juciara and her family. When we were teaching her, some friends of hers came in. In our super "Mark Baptism" mode, we challenged them to be baptized on the 25th. They said that they would if they received an answer before then. Then we were all like "Wow! Great! So what’s your name, again?" We noted their names and their address. Uh oh. The address is in Pomares. Great.
So we finally decided to head waaay out to Pomares. When we were planning, we thought "hmm. We might as well visit everyone out there while we're in the 'hood." We planned accordingly.
The next day, we ate lunch with Irmã Angela. We asked when the bus passed, because we wouldn’t waste hours walking there. It was then when we were informed that there was a less active (Sabrina) that lived in Pomares.
We made it out to the favela. The new family was awesome. They need to get married, so the baptismal date automatically fell, BUT. They’re progressing. They said they’d hitch a ride to church from their son, but that didn’t happen, unfortunately. After the lesson, we headed to Sabrinas, without knowing what had been going on in that house-hold. We challenged her to go to church, and she accepted. We challenged her 14 year old son to be baptized on the 25th, and he accepted.
On Sunday, after some struggle to grab someone to give them a ride (no one even wants to DRIVE to Pomares), they went to church with us. When they arrived, Sabrina immediately realized that she recognized Noé, the recent-convert of the Sisters. It was then when she counted to us the story of everything that happened. Now, she is super happy and has a firm resolution to be active in the church.
It's so cool how everything in God's plan works out perfectly. I love being part of it. Shout out to my little sis. She's having her sweet 16. Happy Birthday, sis!
I love u all!
Com Amor, Elder Wassom

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