Monday, June 27, 2016

The Terrific Trio‏

Dear Friends and Family,
Before I forget, I want to let yall know something WACKY.
The other day, I met a member of the Sao Gabriel Branch named Brother Machado. He started talking to me in English, and I asked him where he learned English, and he said that he lived in the United States.
"What part?"
"The south"
"Really? I'm from Texas."
"What city in Texas?"
"I lived there for a few years, and studied in CCCC."
Apparently he lived in McKinney around 1999, and is real pals with Brother Jeff Brooks. He wants Bro. Brooks' contact information.
He was awestricken when he learned that there are 8 wards in McKinney, 2 from Melissa/Anna, and 2 from Sherman.
What're the odds, right?
I took a photo with him. I know it’s been a while since I’ve sent photos, because my card reader is bugged, but I’ll send photos ASAP.
I bought a new Suit! I bought it from a thrift shop for 35 reais, or 10 bucks! I haven’t come across a better deal in my life! I look pretty spiffy in it, too.
So as the title suggests, Elder Silva, Elder Capistrano and I are still in a trio, overlooking 2 branches. I seemed to have written rather frustrated last Monday, so just know that I have gotten used to the adjustment, and we are working alright. In fact, work is quite pleasant with my old bud/comp Elder Capistrano. Good thing, too, because looks like help will come in two weeks.
Actually, the whole mission is somewhat in a strange predicament, as 5 missionaries left today (with honor), and had nobody to replace them until July 12th.
Interestingly enough, the work is progressing a lot better in Ramo São Gabriel than in Ramo Bom Fim. We have marked 4 baptismal dates in that area, and just one in Bom Fim (Bruno-yet again, he didn’t come to church).
Here's something cool. A month ago, Elder Silva gave a challenge to the zone to memorize the 100 seminary scriptures before today. Well, they took to it. Sister Condeña, Elder Capistrano, and Elder Silva have completed the challenge. Sister de Oliveira is really close. I had already completed the challenge, but I felt left out during the mornings when my companions were working on memorizing scriptures, so I started memorizing my own list of favorite scriptures, like Alma 5:14-21, Alma 7:14-16, and D&C 123:17. It has been a great experience.
I'm doing great. I’m happy. A bit busy, but that’s a good thing as a missionary. I'm about to take a big bite of my last slice of mission pizza. Using this analogy, I'm still hungry.
See yall in 3!
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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