Wednesday, June 22, 2016

100 days‏

Dear Family and Friends,
I have 100 days left until I can give you guys a hug! I know that’s a weird thought, but it's true! Yesterday, I made some plans and goals to help me continue to work like crazy.
This week was weird. On Thursday, a few things happened that left Elder Capistrano without a companion, so he stayed in a trio with us for the rest of the weekend, and will stay with us until he is assigned another companion. This was a little wacky, as we now are responsible for his area and our area. I love Elder Capistrano to death, but I'm anxious for him to be assigned another comp, so we can get back to focusing on our area. As of now, nothing has reached us as to when or how that will happen.
One thing is good about all of this, though. Elder Capistrano had to bring his mattress into our bedroom to sleep at night (missionaries can’t sleep in their own room), which has warmed up the atmosphere in the room quite a bit. Interestingly, 3 men produce much more body heat than 2. These biting cold nights have been much less dramatic as they have been. We are considering pulling the other mattress in when the new elder gets here. Not sure if that paragraph was awkward or not, lol.
This week was full of craziness. Unfortunately, Bruno and his mother did not make it out to Sacrament meeting, thus causing the baptismal date to fall. We are optimistic that we can re-mark for the 2nd.
Presidente and Sister Lousa will replace Presidente and Sister Parrela here in about a week. I am saddened to see the Parrelas leave, as they have certainly been a huge help to my testimony-building and growth as a man and son of God. They are an incredible couple, and I will miss them dearly.
I know I didn’t say much today, but just know that good things are happening. My testimony is as strong as always, and I love you all.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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