Tuesday, August 16, 2016

House Search

Dear Family and Friends,
I hardly had the time to tell yall all the stories, so I have a lot of catching up to do.
I'm going to have to write yall quite the letter this afternoon, because I’m not gonna fit it all in this email. I saw your list, mom, I’ll have to respond next week I think.
First off, before I forget. I have to tell you what we are doing right now. I’m writing yall at the Cyber Café. Alright, being serious now... We are in the middle of a mad dash to find a new house for the sisters. A madman tried to break in last night, and that was the last nail in the coffin for that apartment. It has been causing a bunch of problems, and to add low security to that list... RIP crummy sister's apartment. We've got two good leads...
We found a so-so apartment in the towne center, which would be awesome - close to everything, and in the middle of the two companionships' areas...
...and a super awesome apartment that would be a little out of the way for the Bom Fim Sisters.
Both apartments are affordable, and both would be better than the one that they currently have, but we're still looking.
SO the story behind the break-in attempt. The sisters' house is poorly designed - the electricity main switch is located outside their apartment, so many attempts have been made to turn off the electricity, wait for the owner to turn on the switch again, and enter in through the back.
Well, this attempt was made. at 12:30 AM, my comp and I were woken up to a phone call from some panicked sisters. They explained the situation to us, and my comp said "Alright. Let’s go." I just looked at him with a look that said: "Its past midnight, and we're going to go out in the dark to go after a madman UNARMED?!" My comp had a little time to reponder the brilliant idea, and we opted to call the police.
We explained the situation to the police, who then told us "Tell the sisters to call us." That response made us pretty mad. Government workers here in São Gabriel... We've already gotten mad with policemen, post office workers, registry workers, and healthcare officials.
But anyways, we called Presidente Lousa, and he cured everything. :)

Some things on my list: I won’t have time at all.
We helped put in a front door on Irmã Hilda's house with Irmão Noé. Irmão Noé (recent convert of Sister Condeña and Lipps) is just awesome. He goes to church every Sunday, and makes everyone smile.
I wanted to ask Blake - do you know what my companion Elder Silva would have to do to be a BYU soccer player?
THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! For my card, for the letters, emails, packages, etc.
I remember yall that next week there probably will not be a letter from me. I'll be in Santa Maria.
My companion and I have been getting a little tired of singing hymns every morning in our companion study, so we have been singing hymns from the children’s songbook.
The rest I'll put in a letter. Ta bom?
Os Amo.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Some pictures:
Baptism Interview of Andrea, investigator of Elder Felipe (she's awesome), Homemade tortillas, and the house search.

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