Monday, September 19, 2016

The Best Two Years :)

Well. This is it. Here's my short report :
Nothing can compare to my experience here. Nothing could ever replace it. While years of life teach many things, if I had not served my Lord and Savior through the service I rendered here, there are things I simply would never have learned. I'm very tired. But like manna, God's been giving me daily the portion I need to just keep pushing on. I’ve learned that this will not be the last time I feel this way. God trusts us to the point that he pushes us. So. Let's do the best that we can do. We can sleep when we're dead, haha.
Was it fun? Yeah, it was. But it was a whole lot better than fun. I have been changed in many, many ways. And I'm very content with the changes I've seen in myself, and even happier with the changes that I've seen in others.
It’s simply been a miracle… Full of little miracles inside. I will never forget what took place here these last two years.
I'd just like to bear you all my testimony. I know that this church is the boat that takes us to Eternal life. I know that God is at the helm. And I'm just another little worker of His. But hey. I'm so very glad to be one. My position and role will change a bit. But I'm okay with that.
Come what may and love it.
I love you all. Talk to you next Wednesday.
Com Amor,
Elder Mitchell Wassom

encontro com o apostolo, Plum cobbler, wild blackberries, and people using dogs for political advertising:

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