Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Another Week in Paradise‏

As you all might have implied, the awesomeness has not let up. We got things straightened out with Daniel, and his baptism date is on the 30th with J, Mirian, and Zenira. Ivo is marked for this Saturday.
The story about Daniel is pretty cool. He asked us an interesting question. "How do you guys study every day?" We explained to him how it worked with personal study, study in companionship, and such. But after the lesson, Elder Anfuso had the idea of doing a brief personal study WITH Daniel. SO we did one in the chapel after church with him. It was super spiritual. After, he asked us to clarify how baptism worked. So we took him to the baptismal font and showed him. I think that was the first time that we challenged someone inside the baptismal font. But it worked out well.
J, Mirian, Zenira, and even J's mom went to church on Sunday, along with Daniel. Ivo wasn’t there :/, but we'll talk to him today. By the way the phone call went, his baptismal date sticks.
Last Monday, We went to the watermelon stand. The man said they were 5 reais apiece. I wanted to grab and share one, but my companion said "no, I want one for myself just to see how much I can eat all at once." rolling my eyes, I bought my own, too. We got home to find out that Elder Oliveira and Elder Pastrana had the exact same idea. SO all of the sudden, we had 4 watermelons and four missionaries. The only rational thing to do at that point was have a watermelon eating contest. We later learned that watermelon works as a fantastic natural diuretic. That was the impression we left with the assistants when they showed up to do splits with us the next day :)
Anyways, it was fun while it lasted. We experimented with the rind - making juice, candy, etc. But we were pretty sick of eating watermelon after a few days.

The Flood is completely gone, and the river is back to normal. It’s actually pretty low right now.

With all the hectic-ness of putting together baptisms, running after the jumpsuits scattered across the city, I have been thinking a bit. Irmã Kellen saw my pensiveness one day and told me "Sometimes we worry so much about tomorrow that we forget to enjoy today." This not only has helped me, but it has, in turn, been helping our investigators.
I love you all like crazy. Have a great week.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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