Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Just... rollin with what God's got in mind.‏

Dear family and friends,
This week was another good week. Some disappointing news is that Ivo still is a bit iffy on the whole baptism thing. One of the factors, we learned, is that he is part Gypsy, and participates in Gypsy practices that he said would be "against church teachings." I have no idea what Gypsies do, but whatever it is, Ivo is praying and talking with God and his family, confirming that baptism really is what he wants to do. I know it's what God wants him to do.
Speaking about Gypsies (rarely I get to use that phrase), we made a contact with an elderly lady the other day. Afterward, we went to her house yesterday, and we noticed that there was a sign outside her house that said "astrology, tarot cards, and palm reading" So we clapped our hands outside her gate. She took us in well, and gave us limeade. She’s a great lady. Turns out, she too, is a Gypsy. Moreover, she is an inactive member of the church. What does this mean? Either she can help Ivo, or Ivo can help her. I'm guessing it’s going to be the latter, but let’s see how the cards play out. Get it? haha
Fun fact - the Portuguese word for Gypsy is "sigano" Another fun fact. Pie in English is a large, filled pastry. In Portuguese, Pai means father. In the Gypsy language (forgot what it’s called), pae means water. Cool! March 14th now has more meaning to all of you. My nerd friends might have to help the others.
Next Tuesday, it’s GROUNDHOGS DAY! I’m already planning the festivities. :) Despite the fact that it is the most useless holiday of all time, I was tempted to buy a little Capybara statue because it looks like a groundhog. Then I figured that temptation was not from God. Actually, February 2nd is the day of our transfer, so let’s see what happens. I'll find out this Thursday. My companion thinks that he’s gonna be transferred. I don’t think so.
This week I’m just full of funny things to tell. We took Pitan to Ivo's house for a lesson. It all went awesome, until the subject about parenting was brought up. Ivo said "you know, my parents never slapped me or spanked me." Pitan replied with "really? I guess my parents didn’t really slap me either. They would rather beat me with sticks or pieces of metal, or throw bricks at me or something. In fact, one time, my mom grabbed the back of my head and bashed and smeared my face against the wall and broke my nose! She took me to the hospital and told the doctor that I fell." I already knew he had cruel parents, just by the way they named him "Jurupitan," but that didn’t exactly bring the Spirit to the lesson, haha.
One more funny thing, then I’ll get serious. While visiting a new investigator, and before telling her our national origin, she said "I’ve never been to the land of you guys before -" Elder Anfuso rolled his eyes, as he was a little sick of being misunderstood as an American. But much to our surprise, she said "-Japan." then she started talking about Japanese culture and how much she'd like to visit our homeland of Japan. That’s a first. Never been pegged as Japanese before.
Returning to the work side of things, Sibele got a calling as the Relief Society Secretary. I’m so happy for this, as Luisa (president) is an awesome lady, and will be working closely with Sibele.
To respond to your curiosity, this Saturday, we have Daniel's, and possibly Ivo's, baptism. J, Mirian, and Zenira had to be pushed back just one week to the 6th, where I imagine that that date will stick. Referring now to the title of the E-mail, these weeks haven’t played out 100% how we imagined they would, but. It all seems to play out in the end. My companion and I are doing everything in our power to realize the work of salvation here in Alegrete. So. We're just gonna keep it up, and roll with God's plan.
Okay? I’m really happy. Always smiling. Until I look in the mirror at the wonderful haircut my companion gave me. Then I frown for a bit. I did a much better job on his hair than he did on mine. But. I diverge. Anyways, I’m super happy and full of the Spirit. I love you all, and hope you have a great week.

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