Monday, January 4, 2016

Finishing the story

So, as you can imagine, I had a super busy day today, and I can just write the story about Ivo and Renan.
So they get back all sweaty from helping people from the flood. And the conversation starts. We started off uneasy - not uneasy of being confounded, but uneasy that someone with so much knowledge of the gospel would want to bible bash with us and send the spirit away. But we quickly realized that it wasn’t his intention at all. It was simply to tell us of his desire to return to the church, and to mark a baptismal date. He wanted to mark it for the 13th of February, as it was his birthday then: "I was born on Feb. 13th, and I want to be born again on the same day!" So we reluctantly agreed, knowing that, if it be God's will, teaching more about the concept of the Gospel of Christ would help him to mark the date closer... sometime in January.
After some powerful lessons, now the possibility of this happening is good. But I diverge.
We invited him and his friends so come to church. He came to church the next morning with Renan. There we learned it was apparent that Ivo taught Renan quite a bit. Let’s just say they surprised the Young Men’s leader and the gospel principles teacher, haha. The first question in Gospel Principles from Renan... "If it takes a man and a woman, bound by the sealing power to have spirit children, how did God make us alone? Do we have a Heavenly MOTHER too?" Many questions had to be responded by: "We'll answer that a little later... maybe tonight."
Deep questions such as these were asked, and it sparked an interest in Daniel, who was present as well. That night, we had a great lesson. Yes, Renan and Ivo still had those questions. But it's amazing how many of those questions can be responded to by adhering to the simple yet powerful doctrines: "God is our father. And he loves us." We gave Renan a book of Mormon, and marked a few passages for him to read. We are excited to see how it goes.
Basically, that’s all the story about them until now, but I’m really excited to teach them because they're great young men.
I love you all, and I have to go, but just know I’m still super happy.
Elder Wassom

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