Friday, June 19, 2015

A Really Fast Week

Written: Monday, June 15th, 2015
Dear Family and Friends,
This was a really fast week. It felt like just yesterday that I was writing yall. And we had a couple of special fasts. So it was a really fast week.
We tracted into a completely drunk guy the other day. That’s always funny and scary at the same time. It happened a lot in Uruguaiana. It’s like the whole conversation with them, you are always trying to find a way to leave without being rude. I know that sounds somewhat mean, but people who are wasted are somewhat dangerous and completely useless to a missionary.
So our conversation was like this:
"Hello, Sir!"
"Heyy guyys..."
"I’m Elder Wassom, and this is my companion Elder Sena"
"Hey wait a second... Don’t you wanna... baptize me?"
"We do want to baptize you. But Baptism comes after repentance. And we know that repentance is possible through the sacrifice that Jesus did for us."
"You shouldn’t tell me that right now."
"Why not?"
"Because I’m Judas Iscariot."
"Oh really? So you’re a traitor?"
"Yep. I'm J-u-d-s JUDAS"
"Awh, man. You shouldn’t be doing that, brother. It’s against the commandments. Take care, brother."
So I was all pumped to see how the whole Marrone/Jessica thing would turn out. It also turned out anticlimactically. Seems like they didn’t understand the whole "Pray about getting married" thing. But we made it very clear on Wednesday. And we will follow up today. They’ll get married, I’m sure of it. They went to church again :)
So there’s a few families with Avocado trees. All at once, their fruit ripened, and everyone started giving us sacksful of avocados. We received probably 40 some-odd giant Brazilian avocados in two weeks. Fun Fact about Brasil - They only eat avocados sweet. Like, the idea of Guacamole, and Avocado Burgers, and so on repulses them. It is used only in desserts. So I had to make Guacamole for my companion. He liked it :) Then I made avocados Brazilian style. My favorite way to eat it sweet (until now-I’m still experimenting sweet recipes) is sticking it in the blender with a banana and orange juice. It’s Delicious! I’ve also tried Brown Sugar and cinnamon, Maracuja (it’s like some sort of passion fruit) and Sugar+Lime. It’s surprisingly good. But the avocados here are different... they’re big, green, and less creamy.
I like food.
We've been working really hard. Elder Sena continues to be a beast. We keep finding new people to teach, but they just kind of die off quickly. Not very committed. Our list of Progressing Investigators is getting a little smaller, unfortunately, but we are making plans to counteract that.
So other good news! We entered into contact again with Rose, André, and Bruna! We taught the Restoration, and challenged them all to baptism! They said that they’d read, and pray, and if they received an answer, they’d commit! Yay! We return there on Wednesday.
Today, we helped in the move of Irmão Jaír and Irmã Janaína. It was a good move. Fairly quick, and just one story homes.
I'd like to express my love to my family and friends. This week was a week where I thought a bit about home. Trunky, no. But I miss yall. I think about you and pray for you. I love you. I love the Lord, too, and that’s why I’m here. I love Ijuí, and the people in it. I love being a missionary.
Com Muito Amor,
Elder Wassom

This week’s photos:
There was a banana cobbler I made, a short tie, a lot, but definitely not all the avocados we received, and some men at the move this morning

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