Monday, June 8, 2015

A really good week

Amados Amigos e Familia,
This week was just awesome. I love watching people’s lives change. I’d like to first comment on Marrone and Jessica. Not sure if I wrote about them briefly, but they are friends of our Ward Mission Leader. They had expressed to him their desire to change their lives for the better, and we had begun to teach them last week. This week, we had two fantastic lessons with them. On Monday, we taught about the Restoration with them. The spirit was so strong, even Marrone was crying. On Friday, they commented that they had read the pamphlet and the passages of the Book of Mormon that we had left them, and felt that it was true. And so we committed them to prepare for baptism, and committed them to pray about getting married. They accepted. I await anxiously for Wednesday for their response. They also showed up to church yesterday, along with 5 other investigators. That’s right! 7 at church yesterday, whoop whoop! But yeah I really do think that they will accept this new challenge in their lives.
Shout out to my not-so-little-anymore sister Rachel, she's turning 15 tomorrow! Hope Louisiana serves you a good birthday. Eat some Cajun food, because it doesn’t exist in Brasil. Saudades... (I miss that...)
Today I was talking to my companion ELder Sena about the concept of stress dreams. So for those who do not know this concept, it is when you’re stressed out and that night you have a fairly realistic dream where unfortunate things happen? When I’m stressed out, I have a dream where I just show up late to things. I hate being late. Well, as the start of a mission can be stressful on a missionary, my companion told me about his stress dream. He said "man, I had a dream where we went to the cybercafé, and my parents didn’t write me anything!" Hehe, looks like he’s already becoming a missionary.
So we had our Zone meeting on Tuesday, so I took another bus over to Cruz Alta. The meeting was awesome, and I learned a lot... got me supercharged-up for the week to come. Like I said, our week was really good. We had a good number of lessons with members. That’s always awesome. Almost without fail, they are just better than lessons without. The only exception to that rule that I’ve seen was in Uruguaiana, when we taught Tiago and Jaqueline at Irmã Delmací's home. I love Irmã Delmací, but she LOVES to talk, and gets distracted way easily.
We went to Alberto's house yesterday. Alberto is the father of Sonny and Gilbeto, two men in our ward. Previously, Alberto hated the church, and especially the missionaries. Well, a few weeks ago, remember how I said we had a service project on a farm with peacocks and stuff? Yeah, that was Alberto’s farm. We decided to gain his trust through service. A couple weeks ago, I forgot to write you about the super spiritual experience that we had. We went there with the purpose of delivering a Book of Mormon. We showed up, and began to talk about families. He said "you know what? I have seen the change that your church has had on my two sons, and I’d like to thank you for it. It’s truly been a miracle." Elder Farias (as he was still there at the time) bore a powerful testimony over the changes that the Gospel has on the lives of God’s children, and how the Book of Mormon is a testimony that the Gospel is restored today. He reluctantly accepted the gift, but his curiosity grew, and shortly thereafter, he promised to read it. At the end of the meeting, Bishop Trage closed the meeting with a prayer. At the end of the prayer, Alberto raised his hands high above his head, and in a loud voice cried out to God, tears streaming down his face, thanking Him for sending the missionaries and the Bishop to his house, and for the Book of Mormon, and for the impact that it had on his children. There was not a dry eye in the group. His wife especially was bawling, as she had been an "Abish" since day one… Always knew that the church was true, but never dared tell anyone but the missionaries and her kids, lest her husband find out. We left that meeting, still in tears. As we drove back home in Bishops car, we stopped along the side of the road, and said another prayer thanking God.
Somewhat anticlimactically, Bishop got a call from Albert, saying that the print was too small to read. So bishop promptly bought an extra-large print copy, and we delivered it to him yesterday. So we're anxiously awaiting his response.
But. That was my awesome week. I am loving my new comp. He’s just too awesome. Way teachable. Makes me realize how terrible of a greenie I must’ve been... lol jk I didn’t think I was that bad. Just. Elder Sena is awesome.
And so are you guys. Love you all. Pray for yall. Happy Birthday sis.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Nothing funner than a chicken plucking excursion with Luiz!

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