Monday, June 1, 2015

Elder Sena and Me

Today is my 8 month mark. It was weird, because the other day, Elder Bispo dos Santos had splits with Elder Italo Silva, then I realized - I was the "oldest" in the house at the time. Elder Anfuso (yes, he’s sharing a house with me again) still has me beat by 4 months on a normal day, but still. It’s weird not being the newbie. As I would say, 8 months is two dad-sized slices of German chocolate cake.
But speaking of the real new guy around the house, my companion is called Elder Sena. He is from the state of São Paulo in a small town called Conchal. Fun fact - of my 5 companions, Elder Farias is the only one not from São Paulo.

A little bit about him - he can be classified as an awesome greenie. Green, yes, but very powerful. He has a gift of speaking to people in a manner that makes them comfortable. He grew up in the church, had 4 years of excellence in seminary, always looked forward to serving a mission, so he knows the doctrine, and is very... animated about being here and teaching the gospel. He’s got, to a large extent, that greenie zeal, which is really, really good, and we hit the ground running. He's 100% obedient, just like (almost) all of my other companions, so we're getting along nicely. So nicely, in fact, that he is already up there with Elder Matoso on the "favorite companions" list. He’s so concerned with obeying all the rules, that there was one day where we needed him to be a witness to the marriage of Alex and his wife, Elder Jordan Peterson and Elder Bispo dos Santos' investigators, (because Americans can’t be witnesses) and he was so nervous that he would be breaking a rule in doing so, that we had to appeal to the Zone Leaders to make him feel more comfortable. He’s a real good chap.
I headed to Santa Maria on Tuesday to pick him up Wednesday morning. On Tuesday, I stayed at a Hotel with Elder Garcia and ELder Cotrim, other trainers-to-be. I learned that Elder Garcia was in São Pedro do Sul, District Urlândia, so I asked him who was baptized there in Urlândia. He confirmed to me that it was, in fact, Veleda and her daughter Julia. Yay!
Okay, so the Cyber Café people just said they’re closing for lunch break, so I have to be fast. But in short, the work itself was a little sad. We found some good new people, but still couldn’t mark a date. Believe me, we tried. And, to pour salt on the wound, only 1 investigator went to church. But. We pick ourselves back up and try again, right? Love you all! I’m doing well as a trainer, it’s easier than I thought it would be, but that’s because my comp is a beast.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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