Monday, July 25, 2016

A good week

Dear Family and Friends,
This week was another good week. We obtained a whole lot of new addresses to find new investigators... the frustrating part was that when we visited their house at the designated time, they weren’t at home. Therefore, the week involved a lot of walking. Which was painful, because I got a freaking ingrown toenail. But all’s well, I took care of it on Saturday.
However, our forces were not completely fruitless this week. We went to deliver a Liahona to a young woman of 17 years named Renata. We actually showed up way late to her door, and were disappointed to know that she was still at her workplace. We tried to teach the mother, but she wanted nothing to do with the church. We were ready to turn away when Renata showed up from work. Good thing we showed up late! The message went off very well, and she accepted all the invitations, including that of being baptized on the 20th of August. She didn’t make it out to church this week, but we'll keep after it.
We had our Zone meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s sort of funny, cuz its divided in two parts, one day for Sao Gabriel, and one day for Rosario do sul. So basically it’s like two district meetings with the Zone Leaders. Tuesday, our training went over well. We talked about finding new investigators. There were also a ton of announcements to give, as the Presidents switched. Not much more to say about that.
On Wednesday, we took a bus to Rosario do Sul (we travel a lot) for the other half of our Zone meeting. While we were there, we decided to do splits with the missionaries there. I went with one companionship, and Elder Silva went with the other. I learned a few things there. One of the most predominant is the importance of personal hygiene, because I slept in a room with a missionary that didn’t shower, and reeked of bad foot smell.
Sidenote: In Portuguese, there is a word designated exactly for that bad smell of stinky shoes and feet. This word is "chulé". There are also words for bad breath and bad underarm smell. These words are "bafo" and "asa", respectively. Combine the three and you've got "chubasa" You don’t want to have chubasa.
Anyways, this missionary had me almost gagging. Let’s just say I had to chat with him a bit on the "Exchange reflection"
I’m doing great yall. We just cleaned and re-organized the house. We moved some furniture today, because my companion said he's sick of seeing the same thing every day for what will be 6 months. We have been together some time now. Same companionship, same place. On August 22nd (next transfer), we'll have been together for 4+1/2 months. We have learned a lot together, and passed through a lot, for sure.
I'd like to bear yall my testimony that I know that this church is true. The Book of Mormon is true. Jesus Christ is real and is our Savior. If we put our faith in Him and follow Him, our lives will change for the better, and we will be preparing ourselves for Eternal Life.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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