Monday, July 18, 2016

Out of time

Hey guys,
So I’m out of time again. A lot of stuff to take care of again.
But. I can say we are making progress in Bom Fim again, and its still Elder Silva and I until August. I think this is my final resting place. Sister Condena was replaced with Sister Salles, who, by the way, is a fireball of energy. It’s really fun having her around. Sister Condena was really good, too, so were missing her. Elder Capistrano finally was put with a companion. He is training now, and his "trainee" is Elder Teixeira (ie Neymar - Because he looks just like Neymar)
I think that we'll be talking on Brazilian Father’s Day again. 2nd Sunday of August.
I told you I’d fill you in on Presidentes visit to Paulo’s house. So it was just full of the spirit, and Presidente testified powerfully that "NOW IS THE TIME" everyone was full of tears.
On Friday, we scrambled to piece together the "rescue" search in the Zone. There were 42 inactive names to visit in 24 hours. We were able to make it happen, and we finished.
Sorry for the lack of attention yet again, but next week I should be getting you more details.
I love you all.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

Trip to Livramento:

"Keeping the spirit" activity:

Saying goodbye to our district:

One heck of a good lunch (including a couscous made by my companion and I, and Sister Condeña with a Ceviche and Arroz Chaufa):

Elder Alves (sales) wanted me to write him some tips:

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