Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hello from Santa Maria!

Dear Family and Friends,
No, I wasn’t transferred.
I'm here in Santa Maria for a Mission Council. That’s why I didn’t send photos today. My bus would’ve taken off at 3ish today, but a few unseen blessings came upon us. I'll explain in my letter.
I did not end up walking on Uruguayan Soil. On Tuesday, it was raining so, so, much, and we had to call a bus to even get us to the restaurant. The restaurant was literally one block from the border, but we weren’t about to risk drenching ourselves. There were, however, many Uruguayans at the restaurant. It was cool seeing everyone speaking Spanish and understanding them!
So Presidente and Sister Louza are quite different from Presidente and Sister Parrela. The Parrelas are super military-like and strict. They show their love for you by helping you understand that sin in the slightest degree is intolerable in Gods kingdom. I love the Parrelas so so much, and they have helped me a whole lot in my development. I love the Louzas so, so, much, too, but they’re way different. They just radiate love everywhere they go. Sister Louza is like butter - everything melts her. I left her crying when I sang "Tal como um facho" ("The Spirit of God")
Yesterday, Presidente Louza came to a leadership training in São Gabriel. He asked that the Zone Leaders be present in the meeting. So we went to the meeting, and while we were there, we asked him "hey, when are you heading back to Santa Maria?" "Tomorrow morning." "Hmm. Because we will also have to go to Santa Maria tomorrow. Can we catch a ride?" "Sure, no problem."
Another cool thing is that we improv-invited Presidente and Sister Louza to a dinner appointment that we were having with an inactive man. The wife (Relief Society President) had been praying for her husband for much time. More on that later.
So this morning Elder Silva, Elder Capistrano, and I had a pleasant car ride with Presidente Lousa.
That’s why I’m in Santa Maria.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

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