Monday, August 31, 2015

A good week to be a missionary :)‏

Dear family and friends,
This week was a good week to be a missionary. As planned, Marrone and Diéssica were baptized on Saturday, and confirmed on Sunday. Elder Sena, the ward, a host of heavenly beings, and I are all celebrating and relieved. Although not necessary, it is pretty nice to see the fruits of our labors. More on that a little later.
So on a less serious note, I have been continuing to exercise every morning. Elder Marcelino is pretty determined (and succeeding) to lose weight, so he has turned my daily workout partner. Our plan is as thus. Every other day we run, and every other day we work out. The reason I am bringing this up is because I have accomplished a new feat - On Friday, we successfully ran a 5K without walking. The only other time I even attempted that feat was when I embarrassed myself trying to keep up with Victoria Ecker at the Susan G. Komen race for the cure in the summer of 2012. So that’s that. Yay me and Elder Marcelino.
I hit my 11 month mark tomorrow. That’s ridiculous. Time is going too fast.
I have come down with a cold. It started Friday night, reached its peak on Sunday morning, and has already started to dissipate.
So the baptism. It went over very well. Bishop was impressed and a little awestruck that the water was actually warm, as we figured out how to turn on the furnace. Apparently that hadn’t happened in Ijuí for a while. The members all showed up two minutes before the service, which scared us half to death. It looked like there would be a pretty sad turnout for a while. But. Everything worked out great. I ended up leading the music and singing a special hymn at the service, which completely hashed up my voice as I had a cold (like after that one Friday performance of Beauty and the Beast.) But all was well, Elder Sena had his first baptism - Marrone, and I baptized Diéssica. She has 5 names, but I remembered them all :) I thought that they would have picked Adriano to baptize the two of them, but they chose us. I didn’t complain :) The only thing that was left out was refreshments. Our designated sister to bring the cake didn’t show up. Without refreshments, Bishop decided to take us all to a pizza buffet. Alright with me :)
Adriano and Junior confirmed them the next day.
Rita, a friend of Irmã Esilda, is showing some real potential, and she finally went to church and LOVED it. We plan to mark a baptismal date with her this week.
I’m doing great. All is well. I love what The Lord is doing with the lives of this people, whom I also love.
Com Amor,
Elder Wassom

I finally made a real hamburger with my companion!

Marrone and Diéssica's Baptism:

Diéssica didn’t understand the "mad mug" pose

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