Monday, August 10, 2015

Nice Dia dos Pais

I had a great Brazilian father’s day. I got to speak to my family and that was great! Sorry for all the jealous RMs out there that just didn’t have that opportunity. Shoutout to my Dad, who has, through study and hard work, successfully restored a whole lot of his Portuguese, which was lost over the years! He successfully, for 2 or 3 minutes, bore me his testimony in practically flawless Portuguese. Bem feito, Pai! I did notice something as I was talking to yall - yes, skype is awesome, but it didn’t feel too much different than just reading your emails! You guys are just such awesome letter writers that I can just imagine you guys just talking to me at the dinner table!
On Saturday, we had our father's day minute-to-win it activity. It was really awesome, but horribly attended. We had all sorts of fun challenging games for fathers and sons to team up and battle against other fathers and sons. For those who do not have fathers nor sons in the activity, an informal adoption gallery took place. At the end of the games, the top 3 teams got to go to the "arena" and do this huge awesome obstacle course involving cutting toilet paper with a squirt gun, knocking over cans with rubber bands, and other such activities. It was just great.
So before continuing, I must briefly explain who George is. George is son of Edson and Deborah Samersla. He is 7, but due to mental handicap, he's about 4, and very hyperactive. He loves Star Wars and Legos. That’s pretty brief, but enough to continue the story.
So together, Edson and George made it into the top 3 teams. Looking at the daunting-ness of the obstacle course, Edson told João Bueno to let them go last, as to not hold up the other two teams waiting on George. Well, the first two teams made it through the course in about 5 minutes. There was one part of the course that was giving the teams a good amount of trouble, involving stacking miniature bottles atop the other. So Edson and George take off. George runs off in the wrong direction. Edson runs after George. They get back on the right track, and start the obstacles. With enough prodding, Edson and George make it through most of the course in decent time, and at 4 minutes, they affronted their penultimate challenge - the mini-bottle stacking. Much to the shock of the first two teams, and without delay, grace or effort, George lackadaisically plopped all three bottles perfectly into place in a matter of seconds. Then, seemingly without effort, he knocked over the coke can with his very first rubber band, and thus winning the whole competition. Everyone cheered for George and laughed at how this young man had accomplished those tasks with such little difficulty. His father gave him a big warm hug, and he smiled from ear to ear. It was a Kodak moment. :')
Speaking of fantastic moments, we had tacos today. My housemates were, yet again, happy with me. They were also very weirded out with the idea of Guacamole, (as Brazilians only eat avocados with sugar) but liked it nonetheless.
I know this letter is short, but I had a good week....A good chat with my family. The transfer list gets sent out on Friday, where I learn if I'll be staying here for another 6 weeks or not. I want to be here for Marrone and Diessica's Wedding and baptism, but only if God wants that, too. Let’s see what this week brings us.
I love you all. I continue to pray and think about yall. I love this people. I love... everything.
Com muito amor,
Elder Wassom

Awesome things about Portuguese -
The people here actually use the word "freakin" just like we do!
Me passa o freakin' bola! - Pass me the freakin' ball!

Trollar is in fact, a word, meaning to troll.
Meu, você acabou de ficar trollado - Bro, you just got trolled.
Bah, que trollagem, meu! - Maan, what a troll!

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