Sunday, August 2, 2015

A Super Week‏


Dear Family and Friends,
So this title was a knock-off pun because of our Super Sabado with the Ijuí youth. It was a super experience. More on that later in the letter.
First off. I got the package. THANK YOU! I love getting things in the mail. Especially when they have warm clothes, new shoes, and hot tamales :) Good thing about Hot Tamales - I don't even have to share. Brazilians are wimps for spicy-cinnamony-strong tasting foods. So everyone hated my hot tamales, and I ate them in peace :)
This week was super awesome.
First things first - in addition to our Baptismal date (29th August) for Marrone and Diessica, we also have Nilza and Kauê on the 8th and Andrea on the 29th as well.
Who are these people? Let me explain. Nilza and Kauê are neighbors to Ezilda, an awesome lady, and mother of Fernando. They were over at Ezildas house one day that we decided to pay her a visit, and Nilza felt the spirit and asked us to start to teach her. She is Illiterate. She lives with her 10-year-old son, Kauê. They both went to church yesterday and LOVED it, especially Kauê. He loved the Primary, and loved to sing all the songs. He’s super smart.
Yesterday our lesson with Nilza and Kauê was super spiritual. She expressed that she had been having sad feelings. She asked for a blessing, and cried during the blessing. It was the most well-delivered blessing I had ever given. The words just rolled out of my mouth. Normally, when I give a blessing, I pause a lot, listening for words to say. But this one, no.
Remember Andrea from last week’s email? The one with the crucifix that Thaís said wasn't worth visiting? Yeah we have continued to teach her, she has continued to progress, and she has now marked a baptismal date. She’s super awesome.
In addition to the now expanded baptismal scope for August, we have plans to make it even more expanded. Our district here in Ijuí combined together to do a group fast to help Helmutt and Rosane, and their family. As we ended the fast, my companion and I and the Elder's quorum President went to go pay him a visit. And another miracle happened. As we were in a quandary as to what to do to help them, what we should talk about was GIVEN to us. Rosane (his wife) started to talk about how her father had passed away, and how she was certain how he would’ve accepted the gospel had he still been here. She pulled out a box of old black-and white photos of several of her descendants. (antepassados=descendants, right?) She laid them all on the table. As we looked at the photos, we looked back at her, and talked about vicarious temple work. We then said "you know they're waiting on you, right?" She nodded. We challenged her to be baptized on the 8th. Instead of her usual "I'm not a widow yet" response, she said that she would pray about it. The spirit was really strong. I’m anxious to return to their house.
As for Helmutt, my companion and I thought it would be good to have members of the church INSIDE the home. Be a good influence, and have the spirit with them. This will, in turn, help him with his addiction, and give him courage to, as well, repent, and be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ.
So super sabado. This theme was called "having fun in service." Basically, the youth split up in 6 groups, one for each missionary, and went to the street, clapping doors and asking if there was something that they could clean or help with around the house. My group was the best. We called ourselves the "Marinheiros do Senhor" or, "The Lord's Sailors" I’m not sure why they wanted to be sailors, as the theme had nothing to do with sailing, but hey. Wasn’t my idea. But we did get the most pointage. We worked, and swept, and scrubbed, and picked up dog poo, and washed. It was a huge success. Afterwards, we had like a "family feud", just that who lost got pied in the face. I had the opportunity to go up head to head with Elder Sena. The question was "whose quote is "Every member a missionary"?" I buzzed first, but my companion blurted out anyway "Gordon B. Hinckley!" I pied him in the face. Then the Stake Young Men’s President asked me if I knew it. I said that it was David O McKay. He then said "I’m sorry, its Ezra Taft Benson." and ordered someone to pie me in the face. I was pied. But then I ordered one of the young men to search the real answer on his smartphone. Then I showed Irmão Ramos that it really was David O McKay. And so. I also pied Irmão Ramos in the face.
Sweet retribution. Haha. Pie pun.
So that was my week. Sorry that I didn’t go so much in detail, there was so much to tell. But I love you all. I love my calling. I love the food. I love the people. I love Ijuí.
Com amor,
Elder Wassom

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